New coronavirus

New coronavirus

Dear Sirs,

at present we all are here, at work, not just as citizens of a “red/under observation area” but also as parents of children that are at home from school, people who want to protect the heath of elderly parents, or single people that cook the night before at home the meal that we’ll be eating at work the following day to guarantee, with responsibility and sense of duty, a regular service to our customers.

Production and deliveries, so far, have NOT been subjet of any restriction.

We are following all the indication received to protect ourselves and stop the virus diffusion.

Reminding everybody that the virus has NO political or geographical borders, we want to assure you that we’ll be here to keep serving you as long as this is possible.

We would appreciate your feed back, as well, to know wich measures  your Company has implemented to guarantee a regular production and regular withdrawals of the non- woven we are producing.

Best regards