Padding to ensure lightness, breathability, resilience and higher insulation: to face the most extreme weather conditions. This is all guaranted by ORV Manufacturing’s experience and certified OEKO-TEX Standart 100 class 1
It doesn't matter the weather
Lightness, breathability, insulation and resilience: these are the principles according to which O.R.V. Manufacturing synthesizes padding for clothing in full compliance with the environment using recycled components able to guarantee a valid alternative to feather, which is equaled by its lightness and comfort. By operating in the technical sportswear and fashion fields, ORV concretized its research in the Valtherm and Zerodown brands.


It’ is a thermoregulation technology that interacts with the body and triggers off humidity. 
It’s powered by naturally occurring, activated particles.


It works with your body to determine if you need warming or cooling based on the amount of humidity next to your skin, which is the body’s way of expressing whether it’s hot or cold.
The active particles capture the infrared (IR) energy your body emits and if moisture is present it speeds the evaporation to cool you.
If no moisture is present, the IR energy is returned to keep you war

Zero down
The air is an excellent thermal insulator. From this physical principle, we designed a thermal padding in a Honeycomb Structure and Different Densities, which uses the micro spaces created by thousands of small “cells” that compose it, to form an “air chamber” in its interior. Zero Down is the most viable alternative to goose feathers, to ensure warmth, softness and practicality, even in the most extreme climatic conditions. The breathability and thermal insulating padding allow our bodies to maintain an optimum temperature, ensuring optimum transpiration.
5 dedicated lines
The Valtherm pads are divided into five lines.

The Nature line is characterized by the use of environmentally friendly fibers that provide high performance in terms of resistance and elasticity, making the line perfect for someone with a young and casual style.
The White Bear line includes products that made Valtherm the leader of padding for clothing. Garments made with Valtherm’s padding offer warmth and softness and are ideal for those who want comfort and freedom of movement.
The Healthy Technology line is characterized by high-tech padding made of ultra-fine fibers. This feature allows high performance garments in terms of breathability and thermal insulation and makes them light and soft to the touch.
The BLACKlabel line is perfect for the production of exclusive and elegant garments, characterized by high quality standards. Valtherm pads are produced with micro-fine fibers that make clothes soft and light, ideal for people attentive to new trends.
Zero Down is the most viable alternative to goose feathers, to ensure warmth, softness and practicality, even in the most extreme climatic conditions.
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